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Hyundai Solar

Hyundai Solar was founded in 2005 by Hyundai Heavy Industries (Green Energy Division) with the aim of manufacturing top quality photovoltaic panels. As the largest shipbuilder in the world, Hyundai is also the largest manufacturer of solar cells and panels in South Korea.

Hyundai Solar produces solar panels for a variety of applications, such as for Home and Industrial purposes, Large-scale parks, etc.


  • PERC Shingled technology that offers extremely high efficiency, even during days of low solar radiation.
  • Both the PID effect and the LID effect are eliminated to ensure the highest true performance over the life cycle of the panels.
  • Reliable 25-year warranty offered by the global giant Hyundai Solar, a subsidiary of Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Visit the official Hyundai Heavy Industries website for more information:

Model HiE-S400VG